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Dora Levy Mossanen

International Bestselling Author

Archive for February 2012

On the Importance of Tea

In this photo: Samovar (Courtesy Dora Levy Mossanen) I had 15 minutes to kill before a lunch appointment, so I stepped into American Tea Room in Beverly Hills. This is my favorite destination to purchase all types of sumptuous teas. It was raining outside, and I poured myself a cup of lavender tea, enjoying the…

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Fires, Opals and the Romanovs

A historical period of unprecedented upheavals that changed the political face of the world. An Imperial family that fell from grace and suffered an unimaginable fate. Ambergris! Fire! Opal! All subjects I wanted to write about and did in The Last Romanov. I’m fascinated by opal and its mythical reputation, so much so that my…

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