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Dora Levy Mossanen

International Bestselling Author

Archive for August 2013

Gay Marriage and Conservative Judaism

On a Shabbat morning, more than 34 years back, I decided to visit Sinai Temple, a conservative Jewish synagogue in Los Angeles. At the time, having been displaced from Iran, my country and home, I did not know much about Conservative Judaism. In fact, apart from a cursory idea about the religious philosophies of Orthodox…

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A Tale of a Golem, a Jinni, of Love and of Humanity

Every now and then a reviewer might have the luck of a novel landing on her table that is not only engrossing, imaginative and a pure joy to read, but also well-crafted and intelligent. This is the case with Helene Wecker’s debut novel, The Golem and the Jinni (HarperHarper Collins Publishers). Rotfeld, a Prussian Jew…

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