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Dora Levy Mossanen

International Bestselling Author

Archive for October 2018

Ephron Masterfully Weaves a World of Magic

The belief in magic harks back to Persia and to the pre-Islamic period of the Zoroastrians. Magi, the term for Zoroastrian priests and learned magicians, is the root of magic, which has always played a prominent role in Persian literature. The past two decades have seen a surge in magical-themed stories in the Western world,…

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Ephron Stumbles Across Magic in Researching Her Fantasy

  I called Amy Ephron, expecting the usual type of interview to take place, presenting one by one the questions I had carefully outlined about her newest books, “The Castle in the Mist” and its companion, “Carnival Magic,” and then jotting down her replies. But I should have known that creative minds possess their own…

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